A Moment, and Silence: films about Syria by Rami Farah and Zakira

Join us at BOM for films, speakers and discussion. Taking documentaries about displaced Syrians as starting points for an open discussion about photography and film, the current refugee crisis, and the relationsips between representation, activism and action. What do these stories do, and what should we do when we examine their telling, or are affected by them?

The programme will include two monologues and the short documentary, Silence by Syrian film maker Rami Farah which tells stories of coerced exile from the perspectives of two people who had to leave their homes after the Israeli occupation of Golan Heights. Rather than focusing on abstract political debates, Farah seeks to recount the Six-Day War between Syria and Israel and the ensuing occupation using the perspective of some of those who lived through it.

We'll also be screening a short documentary about the Lahza 2 project, made by Lebanese NGO Zakira and supported by UNICEF. Lahza 2 (Lahza means moment in Arabic) provided 500 Syrian refugee children, aged 7 to 12, with basic information about cameras and basic training in photography before leaving them with their five hundred cameras to record their daily lives and explore their abilities and talents.

Speakers will include Dave Stamp from ASIRT and representatives from BARA.

Some Cities is building contact with people and organisations working with refugees in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon near the Syrian border. The event is a way to connect audiences, discussions about possible actions, and the building of ongoing links with affected communities themselves.



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Monday 21st March - 18.00 - 21.00
Birmingham Open Media
1 Dudley Street
B5 4EG